15 Apr
Well, another week gone in my mission. This one went by just as quickly as most, but I was surprised to receive notice from Chris that he’s gonna be peacing out to a faraway land for 3 years right before I get back! So I had a lovely phone call and a quick covert visit from him and Nate and Katie. It was lovely to see them all! My, how things change in a year! I fear to see how Sarah and Abby have grown.
In mission news, our Sisteres had a wonderful baptism this week! We were gonna have one, but his grandpa-in-law died… But we’ll just do it when he gets back. No worries! There are enormous changes being realized in the Church right now, and I’m so glad to be a missionary to be able to see it from this unique perspective. Our zone did amazingly this week, and my trainee Elder Chandler and his companion are tearing it up! They’re the best in the zone right now and I’m SO proud of him! It’s more gratifying than seeing my own success. I love it!
The Church is true, and you should all go to it every week like the Lord has commanded. If you don’t, the consequences aren’t pretty. But there’s always repentance! Man, I love repenting.
Elder Pickett
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