April Showers Bring May Baptisms!

29 Apr
That’s the hope anyways. We’re looking for families who can strengthen the ward, cuz that’s what the Lord wants in his church. We’ve got some folks who are ready, but are waiting on other people or certain things to happen. And we’ve got some families we need to bring back from the abyss of inactivity. But we’re gonna make it happen!
This week went by really fast, which in effect means I don’t remember much… Hahaha but we have interviews with President Becerra tomorrow, which should be fun. I’m all good, starting to get weekly massages from an hermana in the ward for some neck pain. Also I’m trying to chill out. My companion is super chill and I’ve been stressing and freaking out lately. It’s probably just super apparent in contrast to his impenetrable wall of patience and such. He’s 24! And from the east coast. Which is soooo different from the west. I’m a west coast boy. So I’m learning all kinds of culture stuff! Apparently where he’s from it’s super racist. I didn’t run into much of that… I grew up around white folks. But I’m rambling! Have a great week, talk to you next one!
Elder Pickett
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