Mother’s Day!

13 May

It was so good to see most of my family on Mother’s Day. I think it’s perfect, cuz I got to see the rest of them who weren’t there in person not too long ago. I had a sweet short moment alone with my mom, who is the BEST mom in the whole wide world, and all others on which God has placed His children!

Time goes by all too quickly… I’m in a new area now, and I feel like my time in Glendale was just a blink of an eye, along with the rest of my mission. My sisters are all bigger and older and different, but in a good way, haha. Dad’s got a sweet beard coming back and enjoying the time he has to do so before he gets called to be a bishop or other stake calling that requires him to shave it off. I was very happy to see that all was well back on the homefront.
Leaving Fletcher was hard, but I left knowing I did good, and I’m happy to have found and fallen in love with so many great people. I wish all of them well, and I’ll see them again.
I’m now in the El Molino branch, and we’re gonna do our best to make it a ward! We’re starting from scratch, so we’ll be running on pure faith, like my companion says. The miracles are gonna be amazing, but I know God’s going to try my patience haha. It’ll be great!
I love you all, take care!
Elder Pickett
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