20 May
Hey all, it’s me again! This week went by super fast! I’m freaking out how quickly time is slipping out of my hands. It’s been a good week though. Better than I thought it’d be opening up a new area. But me and Alvarez are gonna rock it! We’ve already seen some cool miracles. We met a lady the other day who had attended church for a time with her friend before, but her friend had since moved. Before we knew that, we felt prompted and asked if she was looking for anything, and she said yes, then told us her story. We’re looking forward to meeting with her and her family and baptizing them!
The branch is cool, and we’ve got good members, who should be able to help us out a lot. We’re definitely on the upswing here, and I’m looking forward to ‘catching the wave’ as Elder Nelson put it in conference.
I still haven’t seen Uncle Bill or Aunt Judy yet, but I drive past the street they live on almost everyday haha. There’s at least one member of the branch that actually knows them. We’ll see what happens as time goes on.
Take care everyone! Live worthy of miracles the Lord wants to give you!
Elder Pickett
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