After the Memorial

29 May
HEy no time again! so we have to go to a lesson in 15 minutes, and I’m emailing today because of Memorial Day and we had Zone Conference yesterday. If you don’t know what that is, it’s where a bunch of missionaries get together, you hug/shake hands, then get your mind blown and your spirit humbled by whoever may be teaching, be it mission president, his wife, other elders, and the Holy Ghost. There’s gonna be a historical broadcast going down on June 23rd or so, and EVERY meeting of the Church is being adjusted to accomodate it. It takes presidence over a baptism. Which is SICK. I’m SOOO stoked ot be a missionary right here, right now, and I’m so excited for all those who are preparing to leave right now because I know that they are going to be sooo much better than I am/have been/ will be. THE LORD IS HASTENING HIS WORK. So be a part of it, or get left behind! That’s kinda the plain truth, Elder Pickett-style. But don’t take it from me. Pray to know. And declare NOTHING BUT REPENTANCE unto this generation!!!
Love you, bye.
Elder Pickett
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