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Time to Fly, Baby Bird

Yesterday was the end of the beginning of my mission. Now every single missionary I met on the first day here in California Arcadia is done with their service as a full-time missionary. Bowes, Parker, Crossley, Nielsen, even Thayne… As the title implies, I feel that I’m getting booted out of the nest, and now I’ve got to learn to fly on my own. It’s an odd feeling, being so new and yet have so little time left. Gotta make it count.
With the magical broadcast yesterday, junta con la despedida of these wonderful missionaries, many, many warm memories were brought back. I saw my very good friend, Ruben, leaving the chapel after church, happy, strong, and progressing in the Gospel and in his family. I saw the Ortiz family, together, happy, and active. I saw Roselia, and her sister who will be baptized shortly due to her efforts as a faithful member missionary. I saw Anahi and the Calle family, one of my last baptisms in El Monte. Fruit that remains. There is nothing sweeter, my friends. After this past transfer with all its trials, stress, discouragements, bumps, and bruises, it was such a soothing, gratifying, healing experience for me. It’s something Hermana Stephens reminded me of the other week: no matter how much disappointment, tears, and prayers you go through, it’s all worth it for that one precious moment when someone enters into the fold. I relived those moments yesterday. And these moments are NOT reserved just for full-time missionaries. Members can and should have them. It’s all one work, folks. And it’s time to get moving.
My love to all of you,
Elder Pickett
P.S. Transfers came! I’m staying with Elder Alvarez in El Molino!
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Sorry I mispelled my name. My time was ending cuz the computer was reserved and I didn’t know if another computer was available. But alas! There was.
Yeah, so basically I’m stoked for this sunday and what the Lord has to say to me through His living prophets and Apostles. It’s gonna be the best day of my life. Especially because there’s a baptism before it, a wedding the day before, and a missionary farewell afterwards. Everything is fantastic.
This week I started coming to the realization of the stark truth of this statement by Elder Holland: “From the Bible we learn that ‘without Christ, ye can do nothing.’ I testify that that is God’s truth.” I had to take quite a few steps back and look at the bigger picture. The Lord truly is hastening his work, and he doesn’t have time for impatient, prideful, negative servants like me. So I figured I had to change. It’s so interesting that the things we hear the most in Church and in meetings and in the scriptures are the most important, and yet we give them the least attention. We get so caught up in the “tenets” as the Lord called them in Doc & Cov 19 that we forget the most important things. I see it every single day here: people work, eat, sleep, and they “have no time” left except for the occasional breaking of commandments. I was talking with my companion yesterday, trying to figure out why people don’t see the Gospel like we do. Why they see everything differently than we do, really. Why they don’t even want to know these things that are the absolute most important things they will ever come across in all of eternity. Why they don’t understand. They’re so distracted, they don’t even have time to think about why they do what they do. I’ll always remember an experience I had back with Elder Coffey in Bel 2 at East LA College. We were working the booth there, and Elder Coffey contacted a young woman there and asked her, “Have you ever thought about this question before?” Written on the card he gave her was this question: “What is my purpose in life?” The poor young woman was completely speechless. She just stared at the card. It appeared as if she couldn’t do anything else.
Anyways, the conclusion was essentially that it was because we didn’t get it. When we talk to others, do we speak with the conviction and fervor that the Gospel of Jesus Christ merits? Do we show with our actions and example that we truly believe these things are true and that they have some measure of importance in our lives? This week, Alma’s question was brought to my mind: If ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask you: Can ye feel so now? If you cannot, I exhort you to com back into the loving arms of our Savior. He is waiting for you. And he loves you, as do I.
Elder Pickett
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Wait, it’s June already?

Recoge (more or less “fetch” in spanish), I can’t believe it’s already mid June. I still feel brand-new sometimes… BUT. I hope all of you know about the supercool magical broadcast about hastening the Work on the 23rd. It starts at 3 and ALL church meeting schedules have been changed to accomodate it. ALL of them. It takes presidence over baptisms. It’s basically the most exciting thing ever to happen ever before. AND I’M A MISSIONARY. You should all go.
ELder Pciektt
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Time To Shine

Well, today is that day. The day when all the elders say they have to start working out for real in the morning to get back into shape. The day when The District videos says it’s time to shine. I’ve only got a quarter of the mission left. But it’s still plenty of time, right? Right. That’s all I have to say about that.
This week was good! We had a weird but good experience taking a walk with our new investigator and her autistic son, Diego. He’s stinkin adorable! My companion told her about how his little sister, around the same age as Diego, is also autistic, and how she loves going to church and Primary and all that. She opened up a lot, and in our lesson afterward, she accepted a baptismal date! We just gotta get the husband on board… We’re gonna need to pray with a lot of faith hahaha.
We got a report from our zone leaders today saying that in 2 weeks, we’ve doubed the number of baptismal dates we have normally. We’re definitely on our way to doubling baptisms in this mission! The Lord sure is hastening his work. Almost every week I hear about another missionary leaving or getting their call, this next transfer around 30 new missionaries are coming in and only about half that is leaving. The Lord has called, and MANY are responding to that call. You don’t need a calling to serve, my friends. Just go and do. Does the Lord not say that His will is that we do many good things of our own free will? Let us not be slothful servants. Choose ye this day to serve your heavenly family.
Love you to bits and pieces, so you should repent a little more this week than you did last week.
Elder Pickett
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Finally, I Got Around To It

  I decided to send some pictures. I took one at Dodger Stadium cuz Nathan told me if I didn’t, I was stupid. Then I believe there’s one of me and the Ortiz family, an amazing family of recent converts in my last area. I can’t remember what the other one was. Our distirct waiting for the bus at 5 am to go to the temple, maybe? Good times.
This week was crazy awesome. It started out normally, but ended up awesome! We did a purification fast, I’m not sure if I told you about it already, then did our normal fast on Sunday and I was super down in the dumps cuz we had no one at church this week. Again. But I knew I had to keep moving forward, push through it, because moping isn’t going to solve anything. Wouldn’t you know, right after church we found 2 new families to teach? And one of them comes from a member family in a neighboring ward, so they have a lot of strong connections to the church already. Fasting works! We also dropped a guy who believed he doesn’t need to know which church is true. Man, that lesson was frustrating. But it leaves us more time to find those who are either prepared or preparable. So it looks like progress all around! Opening a new area is tough, but you just gotta keep on keeping on, as they say. We’re hoping to see some baptisms coming up soon this month and the next.
Love you all!
Elder Pickett
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