Finally, I Got Around To It

03 Jun
  I decided to send some pictures. I took one at Dodger Stadium cuz Nathan told me if I didn’t, I was stupid. Then I believe there’s one of me and the Ortiz family, an amazing family of recent converts in my last area. I can’t remember what the other one was. Our distirct waiting for the bus at 5 am to go to the temple, maybe? Good times.
This week was crazy awesome. It started out normally, but ended up awesome! We did a purification fast, I’m not sure if I told you about it already, then did our normal fast on Sunday and I was super down in the dumps cuz we had no one at church this week. Again. But I knew I had to keep moving forward, push through it, because moping isn’t going to solve anything. Wouldn’t you know, right after church we found 2 new families to teach? And one of them comes from a member family in a neighboring ward, so they have a lot of strong connections to the church already. Fasting works! We also dropped a guy who believed he doesn’t need to know which church is true. Man, that lesson was frustrating. But it leaves us more time to find those who are either prepared or preparable. So it looks like progress all around! Opening a new area is tough, but you just gotta keep on keeping on, as they say. We’re hoping to see some baptisms coming up soon this month and the next.
Love you all!
Elder Pickett
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