Time to Fly, Baby Bird

24 Jun
Yesterday was the end of the beginning of my mission. Now every single missionary I met on the first day here in California Arcadia is done with their service as a full-time missionary. Bowes, Parker, Crossley, Nielsen, even Thayne… As the title implies, I feel that I’m getting booted out of the nest, and now I’ve got to learn to fly on my own. It’s an odd feeling, being so new and yet have so little time left. Gotta make it count.
With the magical broadcast yesterday, junta con la despedida of these wonderful missionaries, many, many warm memories were brought back. I saw my very good friend, Ruben, leaving the chapel after church, happy, strong, and progressing in the Gospel and in his family. I saw the Ortiz family, together, happy, and active. I saw Roselia, and her sister who will be baptized shortly due to her efforts as a faithful member missionary. I saw Anahi and the Calle family, one of my last baptisms in El Monte. Fruit that remains. There is nothing sweeter, my friends. After this past transfer with all its trials, stress, discouragements, bumps, and bruises, it was such a soothing, gratifying, healing experience for me. It’s something Hermana Stephens reminded me of the other week: no matter how much disappointment, tears, and prayers you go through, it’s all worth it for that one precious moment when someone enters into the fold. I relived those moments yesterday. And these moments are NOT reserved just for full-time missionaries. Members can and should have them. It’s all one work, folks. And it’s time to get moving.
My love to all of you,
Elder Pickett
P.S. Transfers came! I’m staying with Elder Alvarez in El Molino!
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