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The Twenty-First Year

I guess I’m an official adult in every legal sense now. That’s weird. It was a good day, my elders and sisters made me cookies and gave me cards and made me feel special. The young women in the branch also tried to make a big deal out of it, and gave me a little something they made. I was thoroughly embarrassed by all of them. And what’s more, my beloved mexican mother and aunt came to visit! And they brought cheescake!
It’s awesome because my mexican mother is a convert from El Monte that I’ve kept in contact with, and she always sends me little reminders and things on holidays. Now her sister moved up from Mexico and is taking the lessons from my very good missionary friends over there! I’m so happy about families being together in the Gospel! That’s how it should be, I believe.
This week, I gave my companion a dollar for jumping off the roof of an apartment building. He’s okay, don’t worry. We had a good laugh.
We were also pioneers this week! The misioneras organized a pioneer day activity, since one is from Utah, and we made our members walk a ways with heavy loads, then had a slip-n-slide, and reenacted Haun’s Mill Massacre with water balloons. Afterwards, we went to a prak and had way too much food, in which park the members did a phenomenal job of fellowshipping and contacting a lady going through the park selling ice-cream! We gave her our food got her info, and the other elders are going to go by and start teaching her. Member missionary work, folks. That’s where it’s all at.
Which leads me to my favorite birthday present. Sarah is a boss for inviting her friend (Jonathan, I assume?) to take the missionary lessons! I’m so proud of her for being a little misionera while still being in high school! She’s so cool. She’s almost out of childhood now, I suppose, but still–of such is the kingdom of heaven. Children are the best things ever created in this world.
Stay fresh, love you all.
Elder Pickett
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Rebirth of America

The coolest thing about this week: America got baptized! It was so good to see the Martinez family again, and even more to see her father baptize her. That’s real growth, folks. If only you knew…
Another cool thing: our most solid investigator freaked out and told us she didn’t want us to come by anymore, but then showed up to church yesterday and said we could come by tuesday! More on that story next week, I suppose.
My favorite quote from this week:
Me: America, you look so pretty!
America: You look so familiar!
Children are the best. Always. I have a sure witness that of such is the kingdom of God. So, be more like children, everyone!
Elder Pickett
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Party Like a Rock

We had our annual mission water party this week. It was SO much better than last year! Mostly cuz I actually knew more than my trainer and my district… but it was good. I planned on trying to stay dry the whole time, but alas, my best laid plans were foiled. I was idly chatting with Hna. Hernandez, when Elder Johnson and Elder Patterson took me hostage, one with my legs, one with my arms and torso, and for all my struggling and squirming, they brought me before the President, who proceeded to hose my down and soak me competely. And thus was the defeat of Elder Pickett. Also, they got me later with a triple play, 2 buckets and another hose… It was lovely.
In more focused news, our 94 year old less active came to the church to visit other less-active members, and it was a huge success! One family they visited remembered him from long ago and opened up immediately. It was a lovely blessing. We also got to witness, along with our awesome dry member, the baptism and confirmation of Angel! He’s a nino, but the branch president had us teach him anyways. Kinda like America from my last area, who will be baptized next week! Children are the best. Our branch seems to be picking it up. New faces of investigators and less-active members coming in every week. We just need to get the youth back! We’re gonna organize a voyage to rescue all the inactive young men in the branch, so we can actually have a presidency among them!
My time is up, but I looe you all dearly. Keep being righteous!
Elder Pickett
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The Day After the 3rd

Man, hispanics love to party! They might only have 8 months in the country, but they’ll celebrate the 4th of July anyways! The ones that don’t have to work, that is… For the hard-working hispanics, it’s just another day (with double the pay).
Happy freedom, everyone.
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! I know it’s tomorrow, and I’ve got to send you something, I just have to find it among my belongings, I’ve been planning to send it to you since last summer for Mother’s Day or your birthday… haha.. Sorry! But you’re still the best mom EVER! I love the constant support and love you show in your (almost) weekly emails =)
So, as for the California, we met Ofelia on Independence Day. She is from Chapinlandia, more commonly known as Guatemala. Most of her friends are from the Church, seeing as she went to church for 3 solid years in Guatemala, but for some reason never got baptized… I’m sure that’s never gonna happen again, because now there’s at least one missionary in Guatemala who would never let that opportunity slip by.¬†Right, Hermana Stephens? Behold, I answer for you: ABSOLUTELY. Then she went for a year to church here in Cali, then the elders finally got around to interviewing her, but after the interview, the missionaries never talked to her again for some reason. Not one member went and looked for her to see what happened. And she stopped going. So we got her info in a referral from her friend, Hermana Calder from Guatemala, and she should¬†be baptized on the 28th if there’s nothing she’s hiding from us. She’s an awesome lady. Miracles on Oak St.
Sorry about last week, not writing anything.
You all are phenomenal, enjoy your lives, and remember that obedience to law is liberty.
Elder Pickett
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