The Day After the 3rd

08 Jul
Man, hispanics love to party! They might only have 8 months in the country, but they’ll celebrate the 4th of July anyways! The ones that don’t have to work, that is… For the hard-working hispanics, it’s just another day (with double the pay).
Happy freedom, everyone.
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! I know it’s tomorrow, and I’ve got to send you something, I just have to find it among my belongings, I’ve been planning to send it to you since last summer for Mother’s Day or your birthday… haha.. Sorry! But you’re still the best mom EVER! I love the constant support and love you show in your (almost) weekly emails =)
So, as for the California, we met Ofelia on Independence Day. She is from Chapinlandia, more commonly known as Guatemala. Most of her friends are from the Church, seeing as she went to church for 3 solid years in Guatemala, but for some reason never got baptized… I’m sure that’s never gonna happen again, because now there’s at least one missionary in Guatemala who would never let that opportunity slip by. Right, Hermana Stephens? Behold, I answer for you: ABSOLUTELY. Then she went for a year to church here in Cali, then the elders finally got around to interviewing her, but after the interview, the missionaries never talked to her again for some reason. Not one member went and looked for her to see what happened. And she stopped going. So we got her info in a referral from her friend, Hermana Calder from Guatemala, and she should be baptized on the 28th if there’s nothing she’s hiding from us. She’s an awesome lady. Miracles on Oak St.
Sorry about last week, not writing anything.
You all are phenomenal, enjoy your lives, and remember that obedience to law is liberty.
Elder Pickett
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