The Twenty-First Year

29 Jul
I guess I’m an official adult in every legal sense now. That’s weird. It was a good day, my elders and sisters made me cookies and gave me cards and made me feel special. The young women in the branch also tried to make a big deal out of it, and gave me a little something they made. I was thoroughly embarrassed by all of them. And what’s more, my beloved mexican mother and aunt came to visit! And they brought cheescake!
It’s awesome because my mexican mother is a convert from El Monte that I’ve kept in contact with, and she always sends me little reminders and things on holidays. Now her sister moved up from Mexico and is taking the lessons from my very good missionary friends over there! I’m so happy about families being together in the Gospel! That’s how it should be, I believe.
This week, I gave my companion a dollar for jumping off the roof of an apartment building. He’s okay, don’t worry. We had a good laugh.
We were also pioneers this week! The misioneras organized a pioneer day activity, since one is from Utah, and we made our members walk a ways with heavy loads, then had a slip-n-slide, and reenacted Haun’s Mill Massacre with water balloons. Afterwards, we went to a prak and had way too much food, in which park the members did a phenomenal job of fellowshipping and contacting a lady going through the park selling ice-cream! We gave her our food got her info, and the other elders are going to go by and start teaching her. Member missionary work, folks. That’s where it’s all at.
Which leads me to my favorite birthday present. Sarah is a boss for inviting her friend (Jonathan, I assume?) to take the missionary lessons! I’m so proud of her for being a little misionera while still being in high school! She’s so cool. She’s almost out of childhood now, I suppose, but still–of such is the kingdom of heaven. Children are the best things ever created in this world.
Stay fresh, love you all.
Elder Pickett
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