Don’t Worry, Be Happy

05 Aug
This week was a good last week with Elder Alvarez. He has now peaced out to East LA with Elder Coffey!! and I am jealous, but it’s okay cuz my new companion is Elder Smith from the Fletcher days! We’re gonna have an awesome transfer together.
Things look like they’re ready to get going. The leadership in our branch is getting things in order, the Elder’s Quorum President is back from Guatemala and getting people’s rears in gear, home teaching is finally getting done (WOOOOT!!), and members are catching the vision. We also finally met the Becerra’s mom (not the mission president’s wife. another one) and we’re gonna be able to start teaching the whole family and baptize them! She told us that now is the time to get into the church. They’ve been exposed to it their whole lives, now it appears they’ve understood that they need something more. The Lord is truly preparing the hearts of the people. Now we just gotta go find more! =D
Keep up the work, all you member missionaries. We’ll never be able to hasten this Work without you.
Much love to each one of you,
Elder Pickett
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