What Revenge, What Zeal!

12 Aug
So I may have lost my camera… Hence no pictures. But who am I kidding, I probably wouldn’t have sent any anyways. But we’re on the hunt. If I find it, I’ll send something.
Holy Moses, Dad, your beard looks like Nathan’s more and more, but led red and more like Gandalf. Super jealous of the family trip, b the w… But I’m glad you all had a good time and enjoyed the most precious of joys! Family rocks. Especially you guys. Chris, you looked younger than me in the pictures Dad sent! When do you Peace out to the Corps? October?
I’m having a blast with my new compa, Elder Smith. He got some creepy rash thing this week and I told him it was cancer and now he’s paranoid… He was wigging out so much he lost feeling in his hands and got super light-headed at our dinner appointment yesterday hahaha but we’re going to the doctor this week to check it out. Meanwhile I remain untouched by disease in the mission! Blessings woot woot.
Stake conference this week was stinking AWEsome! Our youth has always been pretty rebellious, and now the Stake Presidency is doing stuff about it. A new member of the presidency doesn’t speak Spanish at all, is bringing lots of changes. Our stake will now be bilingual, and all of the youth programs will be in english. And when you address the oyuth in sacrament meeting, you’ll need to speak in english. Doc & Cov 90:11 (if I remember correctly). Everyone in their own tongue, baby. Now they’ll understand the Gospel, have a much better chance to stay strong in the church, and I really feel like this stake is going to grow a lot and have generations in it, strong families, as opposed to before, when the missionaries just had to keep finding and replacing members when the youth went less-active or to english wards, parents getting disillusioned because the gospel isn’t helping their children. The youth of this Church are incredible. I’m SO excited for the future of the East LA Stake. The work is hastening, my beloved brothers and sisters. Be a part of it!
With love,
Elder Pickett
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