“I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found”

19 Aug
, said my camera. Too bad I forgot it in the car… haha! I’ll probably send pictures next week. If I remember then.
This week I had one of those moments where you look back on yourself introspectively and realize that changes have been made. SO gratifying! As you know, there are rough times on the mission, and I’m not exactly the most positive person on the face of the planet. But, this week I noticed myself falling into the discouragement trap and I remembered the words of a blessing given to me through my mission president: God does not send men to earth to fail. My beloved brothers, sisters, elders, and parents, I testify that this is a gospel truth. Our purpose here is not to fail, but to succeed. We are the chosen spirits, the noble and great, those with earthly and eternal destinies that those that lived before us in times of darkness could only dream of. Ours is a fierce battle, a long one and a hard one, but “they that be with us are more than they which are against us.” We just have to open our eyes a bit to see it. Measuring success from moment to moment will only bring discouragment. Repentance, akin to success, is best measured by constant actions over a long period of time. If you keep opening the oven every minute of your life, or your mission, to check if the cake is done or if it is doing well, the cake will end up flat. Have the faith that what you are doing is right. Trust in those spiritual witnesses you have already received instead of constantly seeking more. If it was true then, it is still true now. ‘Cast not away, therefore, thy confidence, for it hath great recompense unto reward… Forward, and not back!… For we are not of those who draw back into perdition.’
Never forget that you are loved.
Elder Pickett
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