Sweet! My battery just died after it sent. America’s baptism, and my companion, Elder Smith. We have fun =)

26 Aug
This week was sweet! Mayra came to church again, and with a host of other children as well! We went with the young men and she chilled in Primary with her kids and those she brought along with her. They all had a good experience, it seems! No one was crying at the end or making a ruckus during sacrament meeting. She’s a boss. And, in addition, ouy boy Juan came to church for the first time! Our members did a great job being friendly and greeting all of our nonmember friends that day, and helping out with all the younguns. I asked Juan how he felt after sacrament meeting and he said laughingly, “Un poco asaltado,” which means a little bit assaulted/attacked. It was humorous. Juan told nearly everyone he met, ‘I want to get baptized, but I have to stop smoking first,’ and everyone offered their advice and support, and it was great! I love it when members help out investigators. Or when they help out anyone at all really. Nonmembers, less-actives, actives, everyone. President Monson, our Elder’s Quorum president (no joke, that’s really his name), was phenomenal. I love seeing progress!! But I know there will come that time when it won’t be seen as easily in the future. Just gotta keep your head up, you know? Good things will come, as Elder Jeff Holland has promised. Don’t give up! You’re all wonderful and beautiful and amazing!
Edler Pickett
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