Be Calm, Be Brave. It’ll Be Okay.

03 Sep
Hullo, dear ones. This week I was privileged to baptize a truly prepared individual. Man, we just accidentally found him chilling in his apartment on day in Glendale. After his first time at church, we asked him if he had any questions. His response was something akin to this: “Yeah, I do. I really liked it. How do I go about making myself a member?” Stinkin celestial investigator. He just held off of baptism for so long because he wanted his wife to get baptized with him, and she wasn’t willing to accept yet. But her day will come. Her husband is a full-on boss. There’s no way she won’t get baptized. He made the journey all by himself, really. His family didn’t support him, didn’t even show up to his baptism… His wife did, because she really is a good woman. She doesn’t doesn’t understand yet. I love them both. But he’s so solid. Like Peter, the Rock. I wish I had my camera with me, but alas, I have forgotten it somewhere in the car or the pad. No worries. I’ll have pictures next time. I hope. haha!
Well, life is good, friends. Time is short, we’ve got to teach Juanito and then hit up the visitor’s center with Mayra! WOOOT. I love the temple more than everything. But I do love you all.
Elder Pickett
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