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Pavo de Referencias

Well that was weird. I looked to click ‘reply’ on whatever message appeared first in the long list of messages, and what do you know, it was Thanksgiving of last year. 

The ward Thanksgiving feast was bomb! The food, of course; the dance, SO tempting to join!!; but what really got me going was an inspired idea of putting little papers for the members and guests to write down the info of those they want to share the gospel with, or their own datos so we can visit them. Our poor, adorable district leader got on the mike and tried to explain the papers and get their attention, but hardly anyone listened to him. He was up there for like 10 minutes speaking in his pocho spanish inviting these people to act. But wouldn’t you know, the little stud got us all together and told us to go around to each table and tell everyone what he just said. We ended up with a a total of 17 referrals (I’m pretty sure) in one night. Pretty good night for Fletcher ward!  What wasn’t so cool was the next day, Sunday, when almost half the congregation didn’t attend… They party too hard…
BUT, in other good news, Cynthia got baptized from my last area! She was one of the miracles that fell into our laps after we repented, and her husband and nonmember sons were there, along with her spunky friend from Brooklyn! Even though it doesn’t count for my area, at least I know I had a hand in doing something good, and I left my last area in a good condition. And Elder Crosgrove says they’re still on fire.
I also wrote my stewardship report today. =P I try not to think about it too much.
I love each and every one of you and wish you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
Elder Pickettito
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Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend!

I say this because that seems to be the only time people are home, besides 7:30 or 8 pm. Well, they’re home later, but we can’t visit them. But OH MY was this weekend eventful! We finally picked up the young woman who’s been going to seminary as a new investigator, she should be baptized before or shortly after I simultaneously leave and return to my family. After that miracle, we went to visit a sister who we found earlier this year with Elder Garcia, had an awesome lesson, then she said don’t come back, and now we found her again, had an awesome lesson with her and her husband again, they all came to church, and then saturday she said the same thing to us, except with a different reason. BUT, this time we had the Pastor with us (a nickname given affectionately to a formerly baptist superstud in our bishopric), and he totally blew her mind with doctrine and as a result we are going to teach the lessons to her–though she was baptized 20-something years ago, she never received them and has been suffering from a lack of testimony ever since–WITH her nonmember husband, who is actually really funny although he attacks us a lot with pointed questions. All is well in East L.A., my beloved friends.
 What really warmed my heart is when we went to a lesson with Byron, my recent convert brother-friend, and he bore pure, awesome testimony, helping our investigator have the faith to keep the Word of Wisdom and keep pushing for his baptismal date. That experience was so sweet I nearly cried right there in the lesson. I love seeing the gospel work miracles!! It truly changes us in such an amazing, awesome way! Make it happen in your lives!!!
Elder Pickett
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Back to the Future

Well, this week was a pretty completely different Fletcher experience than the one I had the first time around. First of all, because I kinda half-know the area (I didn’t spend to much time down south, just with los Ortiz), I already know 99% of the members, I have no car, no bike (Renga broke my district leader’s bike so he borrowed mine this week. And then popped the tire…. =P haha stuff happens), we walk probably close to 1000 miles every day, we do zumba on tuesdays (which is SO much fun, you have no idea! we’re gonna start teaching the duena of the studio and her husband), and my, oh my, is my companion mexican! It was a really rough week, physically and in the work-wise. I realize my grammar is horrific, but that’s the way it is right now. But we got back into a house I taught my first time around, and the hermano is dedicated and confessed to us his grand secret, and the hermana asked us to come back and teach her son again, who was first taught by our current APs. So it’s not all bad. Because it’s never all bad. I read something about 6 minutes ago that hit me. HOPE: Hold On to Peak Experiences. Very similar to Elder Holland’s talk, ‘Cast Not Away, Therefore, Thy Confidence.’ If it was true then, why would it not be true now? If life was awesome then, why not now? For now we see through a glass, darkly. Sometimes our glass (aka lens) is a little darker beacause it’s dirty. Let’s clean up our glasses and look at the world more like Heavenly Father does. Life IS good, my beloved brethren. Make it count.
Elder Pickettito
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