Pavo de Referencias

25 Nov

Well that was weird. I looked to click ‘reply’ on whatever message appeared first in the long list of messages, and what do you know, it was Thanksgiving of last year. 

The ward Thanksgiving feast was bomb! The food, of course; the dance, SO tempting to join!!; but what really got me going was an inspired idea of putting little papers for the members and guests to write down the info of those they want to share the gospel with, or their own datos so we can visit them. Our poor, adorable district leader got on the mike and tried to explain the papers and get their attention, but hardly anyone listened to him. He was up there for like 10 minutes speaking in his pocho spanish inviting these people to act. But wouldn’t you know, the little stud got us all together and told us to go around to each table and tell everyone what he just said. We ended up with a a total of 17 referrals (I’m pretty sure) in one night. Pretty good night for Fletcher ward!  What wasn’t so cool was the next day, Sunday, when almost half the congregation didn’t attend… They party too hard…
BUT, in other good news, Cynthia got baptized from my last area! She was one of the miracles that fell into our laps after we repented, and her husband and nonmember sons were there, along with her spunky friend from Brooklyn! Even though it doesn’t count for my area, at least I know I had a hand in doing something good, and I left my last area in a good condition. And Elder Crosgrove says they’re still on fire.
I also wrote my stewardship report today. =P I try not to think about it too much.
I love each and every one of you and wish you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
Elder Pickettito
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