What a Week!

Man. Conference totally changed my perspective on life, myself, and the world at large. Especially the messages from Pres. Uchtdorf. I loved his ‘why would anyone join the Church?’ talk. Phenomenal. As well as many of the other speakers and messages. “They don’t even know where they’re going!!!!” “Exclamation point.” What a conference. The Lord’s conference. And today we went to the temple… Wow. A great escape from the world. And, to boot, it’s my companion’s birthday! And tomorrow we have interviews with the mission president! If the Spirit was a drug, I’d be overdosing. So much repentance this week. It feels GREAT!

Elder Duncan
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Enduring to the End(owment)

GENERAL CONFERENCE IS COMING!!!!! SO excited. And after that, a TEMPLE TRIP! I really miss being in Father’s house. I’m going to go way more often than I did before. I invite everyone reading this to do so as well, if you are eligible. If not eligible, get eligible. The temple is the best. 

Things are pretty asian in our new area! Ni hao means ‘hello’ and shi shi means ‘goodbye.’ in chinese. I’m learning a little, and there’s actually a member in our ward who is asian but speaks spanish perfectly. He’s also a boss. The ward is great and I’m super stoked to work with our phenomenal bishop and other ward leaders.
I also extend a formal apology to all for not having written last week. I really have no excuse. Please forgive me.
Choose to make this week a great week my friends. The best you’ve had so far.
Elder Pickett
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Mi Quincinera

Well, transfers came and took me with them! I’m now in San Gabriel, back in the SAME pad I was transferred to almost exactly a year ago! But now it’s a 4-pad! So I’m excited. I left Elder Smith to train a newbie, and I’m with Elder Crosgrove! He’s been out for 6 months now. Well, I really don’t know what to say besides HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! I have no idea how many years this is, but I hope you had a great one. 

Now all the cars are gone, so I’m gonna be riding bike, bus, and train for the rest of my mission! I’ll prolly come back pretty red in the face from all the sun I’m catching. But it’s all good. The holiday season approaches, and thus missionary work advances as people’s minds are turned family-ward. That’s about all the time I have. Enjoy the week, and be Christlike.
Elder Pickett
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Back to the Future

So I’ve had the VERY odd experience of reading past emails I have sent as well as reviewing past journal entries. Thank GOODness there’s been a pretty blatant, noticeable change. It was partially hilarious, partially humbling, and partially saddening to look back on it all. Mostly hilarious, though, haha! I’ve been reading through it for a couple days now and I still haven’t gotten past El Monte yet! Soooo much has happened, and I can definitely see a major perspective change, old problems that are now strengths (Ether 12:26), and one thing that I’m not currently fighting, but I’m not sure if I’ve completely overcome it yet. But it’s been incredibly interesting to read all about past companions and opinions and how both of them have changed–some for the better, some for the worse. I’m excited to see what else I find in my own book of personal scripture (it ended up being a large plates thing, but it’s still cool. I’m REALLY grateful that Mormon didn’t put the large plates in the Book of Mormon though hahahahaa). I like looking back at things I did and thinking, ‘Shoo, I’m super glad I did that!’ Because it sure beats ‘I wish I had done that.’ I look forward to having more of the former experience and less of the latter as I continue my mortal experience.
Our ward mission leader is about our age, and says things like, “Life is good” all the time. Life really is good! Do you realize that? Man, I just can’t believe I don’t realize it all the time. Life is good, and it always will be good. This thought is really only-half formulated, so it might have some flaws, but right now, I am convinced that life really is always good, and it always has been. Even in the nasty, super sad moments, life is SOOO good. Also, my Momma shared a talk with me today that I absolutely loved, and I now sincerely can say that trials are great! Yeah, they suck, but they’re great! Mom, you have to share that with everyone, along with what you felt when you heard/read it. You’re so cool, Mom!
Just so you all know, I have the best parents ever. Hands down. The BEST.
I love you all!
Elder Pickett
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Be Calm, Be Brave. It’ll Be Okay.

Hullo, dear ones. This week I was privileged to baptize a truly prepared individual. Man, we just accidentally found him chilling in his apartment on day in Glendale. After his first time at church, we asked him if he had any questions. His response was something akin to this: “Yeah, I do. I really liked it. How do I go about making myself a member?” Stinkin celestial investigator. He just held off of baptism for so long because he wanted his wife to get baptized with him, and she wasn’t willing to accept yet. But her day will come. Her husband is a full-on boss. There’s no way she won’t get baptized. He made the journey all by himself, really. His family didn’t support him, didn’t even show up to his baptism… His wife did, because she really is a good woman. She doesn’t doesn’t understand yet. I love them both. But he’s so solid. Like Peter, the Rock. I wish I had my camera with me, but alas, I have forgotten it somewhere in the car or the pad. No worries. I’ll have pictures next time. I hope. haha!
Well, life is good, friends. Time is short, we’ve got to teach Juanito and then hit up the visitor’s center with Mayra! WOOOT. I love the temple more than everything. But I do love you all.
Elder Pickett
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Sweet! My battery just died after it sent. America’s baptism, and my companion, Elder Smith. We have fun =)

This week was sweet! Mayra came to church again, and with a host of other children as well! We went with the young men and she chilled in Primary with her kids and those she brought along with her. They all had a good experience, it seems! No one was crying at the end or making a ruckus during sacrament meeting. She’s a boss. And, in addition, ouy boy Juan came to church for the first time! Our members did a great job being friendly and greeting all of our nonmember friends that day, and helping out with all the younguns. I asked Juan how he felt after sacrament meeting and he said laughingly, “Un poco asaltado,” which means a little bit assaulted/attacked. It was humorous. Juan told nearly everyone he met, ‘I want to get baptized, but I have to stop smoking first,’ and everyone offered their advice and support, and it was great! I love it when members help out investigators. Or when they help out anyone at all really. Nonmembers, less-actives, actives, everyone. President Monson, our Elder’s Quorum president (no joke, that’s really his name), was phenomenal. I love seeing progress!! But I know there will come that time when it won’t be seen as easily in the future. Just gotta keep your head up, you know? Good things will come, as Elder Jeff Holland has promised. Don’t give up! You’re all wonderful and beautiful and amazing!
Edler Pickett
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Yikes, I don’t have much time. Hopefully these pictures get to you. I’ll send it now cuz I just saw the battery is dying!

DSC00032   DSC00005

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